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As part of the BC Academic Health Science Network, we support a province-wide, harmonized system for research ethics reviews of studies conducted in multiple geographic areas involving the resources, people, patients or data from more than one BC research institution. Find out more about us.



Find out if you're eligible to apply for harmonized ethics review of your new multi-jurisdictional study.

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In 2018, we introduced a new online system for harmonized ethics reviews. Now, you can apply through the new Provincial Research Ethics Platform (PREP).

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Read Research Ethics BC’s 2019-2020 Activity Report

Research Ethics BC supports a community of human research ethics boards in the province to streamline processes by providing a harmonized system for multi- jurisdictional studies, education and training, and resources to support capacity building. This document Research Ethics BC’s growth and achievements between fall 2019 and fall 2020. A very special thank you to our community […]

Research Ethics Symposium: Key learnings shared by attendees

Missed the symposium? Recordings are available here.  Following the Research Ethics Symposium held in late-October 2020, Research Ethics BC organized an opportunity for Research Ethics Board (REB) administrators to debrief about their most significant “takeaways” from the event. The key points are now being shared, with the hope that learnings inform research ethics work in […]